The Present

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d end up in the Rain Forests of Borneo, and riding motorbikes too.

Like most things in my life, it seems that someone other than myself is directing the program. 😉      And they seem to be making a great job of it.

For those unsure of where Wild Borneo is, here’s a map to pin point the place.

Also there is an amazing weblink you should really take a look at here . The video is only a few minutes long. Its breath taking, trust me its time well spent.

                     So Wild Wade comes face to face with Wild Man from Borneo. 

                       Just in case your wondering…… I’m the one the on on the left.








Here in Sabah, we have loads of amazing twisty tarmac roads that climb 5000 ft over the Crocker Range and because there is very little traffic, its a bikers Paradise. And if you’re into gravel, then the trails here are fantastic and get you closer to the real Borneo.

Please check out the BBA website, this is a great place to visit and there is so much more to do here.

So here I am in Borneo taking bikers like you up close to Mount Kinabalu ( 14,500 ft) on breathtaking Adventures around this beautiful, beautiful country. Yes its a long way to get here, but I guarantee you’ll go home with some amazing memories that stay for a lifetime.

So what do I do when I’m not riding around Sabah with customers?

I’m either riding through remote places looking for new trails. But sometimes things don’t work out as planned. ( A long story as it always is, but the customer who was with me went home with a few war stories and photo’s that have travell around the world 😉


Then we have 15 bikes that need to be kept up together. (PHOTO OF BIKES)

These are 2008 or 2009 Aprilia 650 Pegaso Trails, which we find ideal for the riding we do. And with the Yamaha engine, they are very reliable.

The wildlife here in Borneo is extreme in its diversity as you would expect with a jungle region. And nature has always been close to my heart, probably due to me growing up in the country. Out here I enjoy the Rain Forest and the strange and fascinating things you sometimes find,  so in a very limited way I have become a collecting of some of the outlandish bugs and strange moths we come across.







A Rhino Beetle is Not something you want to hit when your visor is up 🙂

Then you get the odd ball stuff that can bite You.







                          But don’t worry, it only hurts for a few seconds. 😉







Another avenue that gives me a great amount of pleasure, is writing fiction. I started dabbling with writing back in the mid 90’s and an idea for a book gradually grew and only recently has this project taken on a life of its own. (due to another friend with a sharp stick) 😉

‘Recycled Lives’ is an intrigue Thriller, set in two overlapping time zones.

1940 in war-torn Germany and Present day.

Were the top men really caught and killed or did they have an elaborate escape route? Could the conspiracy still be going on? The huge stash of Gold raped from Europe has never been found. Was the war just a smoke screen, for some bigger plan, formulated in the 1940â€ēs by a very clever ruthless man?

Like a story with intrigue, deception, love, and betrayal with a very strange twist.     Then this story is definitely for you.


If you would you like to read the first Chapter? Follow this link.  Be my guest, I hope you enjoy it.  😉

20% of all funds raised from the sales of ‘Recycled Lives’ will go to help the local children here in North Borneo. Many kids miss out on education because of the remoteness of the village’s, others because they have to work the land. And sadly, many because they are orphan’s or have been abused.

Every child should have the opportunity to learn to read and write in a safe environment. Out here, a small amount of money goes a long way and can make so much good happen.

By buying ‘Recycled Lives,’ You are joining me in contributing to the children’s future success.  Together we are helping kids that are less fortunate.

By Recycling a small amount of cash, we are giving a helping hand to those kids who are unable to help themselves. Together We can make a big, big difference to so many lives.

I thank you in advance.

And now a final Thank You…… I count myself extremely fortunate because I have been blessed with family and several close friends that have pushed or encouraged me at different times and in different avenues throughout my life.  Sometimes only a nudge or a planted thought seed, has motivated me to accomplish many worthwhile and rewarding endeavors. I thank them all,  from the bottom of my heart.

And to You…….. maybe you should think about come and visit me in Borneo, there is so much to see and do. …. And to all ….X off-roaders….. I’ve got trails that will make your hair curl if you still have any.  ðŸ˜‰

My best and warmest wishes to You.



17 Responses to The Present

  1. bill skinner says:

    hello Bryan I raced against you as an allcomer in brighton so many years ago it hurts I tried to wheelie like you up the start straight on my cz and flipped breaking my new fibreglass rear fender that I got from bickers for 4 quid I just looked you up to see if you still existed all the best Bill Skinner

    • Bryan Wade says:

      Hi Bill… thanks for looking me up… sorry to hear about the damage to you Cz.. haha… you should have come to one of the training camps ;-)… I’m still doing a bit as you can see from the website… keeps me out of trouble 😉 Hope all well in your world… keep safe and well buddy… Kind Regards BW..

  2. Dave Sinnett says:

    Hi Bryan. Very interesting article to read and fascinating to hear about your book! I too was a fellow competitor in the early 70’s – but at a much lower level! I vividly remember getting a ride at Nantwich in the 250 British Champs on my Griffin; I was only 15 and to line up with you guys (as you could then) was mind-blowing! You lapped me 4 times and I remember the ‘shouts’ from you as we descended the back, steep & very muddy hill – something like “get the **** out of the way”! Amazing days that can never be repeated. PS – I’ve just sent you an ‘Invite’ on Facebook from “Jane Dave” and you recently met my brother John at the Telford Motor show? Cheers – Dave Sinnett

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Dave… Thanks very much for you kind words, the writing is captivating me at the moment. The follow on From Recycled Lives is almost finished, but I’ve had to put that on hold, while I get my autobiography done, my Editor think its a priority. ( I know she’s right ) Sorry about the shouts at Nantwich.. hahaha.. Hope I didn’t unnerve you too much.. In those situation it more to make sure you know we’re there. LOL.. But at 15 it must have been great experience…. had a few like that as well when I started…. I could never figure how they made it look so easy and so bloody quick too 😉
      All the best Dave, keep in touch.. Kind Regards Bryan

    • Bryan says:

      Thanks Dave… don’t have that much time to update or respond… as you may have noticed on Face Book… haha… were does the time go.. haha… keep well buddy

  3. Rob Bamford says:

    Hello Bryan

    Never forget you and Andy Roberton having a right ding dong at Tweseldown (probably in the late 60’s)

    I was a small kid and lived within walking distance of the track (and still do)

    I think you got a puncture handing the win to Andy

    • Bryan says:

      Yes Rob, had some great days at that track… it would have to have been a puncture if Andy won.. hahaha… Hope you have a great New Year. 😉 and thank’s for leaving a comment.

  4. William Pack says:

    Hi Bryan,
    I saw you at a lot of events in the North East and you became a hero with most of the locals due to your exotic riding. We didn’t know a Greeves could do those things!
    The photo of you on the MDS leading away from the start is at Marsden Crags in South Shields. The scramble was held as part of their Sports Week. There was also a grass track and a sprint that George Brown attended on his Vincent, Super Nero.
    All the best to you from a Covid ridden NE England.

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Bill Sorry for not responding for so long, didn’t realize these notes were hidden away….. Thank you so much for making contact…and the great story, sound like you enjoyed the biking 😉 We were having fun out on the track and appears to have entertained and given the younger lads ideas of doing the same……….hope it didn’t cost you too much… Keep safe up there in the NE, this virus is going crazy. Kind Regards Bryan

    • Bryan says:

      Sorry, thought I’d responded to your message… obviously not. Thank you for your kind words….yes I didn’t know the Greeves could do some of the things it did…without spitting you off. Hahaha.. Please keep safe from the virus. Kind Regards Bryan

  5. Bryan says:

    Hi Bill, thanks for making contact. Delighted you enjoyed my riding, hope it didn’t lead you into trouble 😉 Thank you for your kind words… Yes, they were great days. The photo you mentioned, I used it in my book… so it was Marsden Crags. Well, thanks for the info.. Hope your keep safe and out of harm’s way, in these crazy times. BW

  6. Derek Pillinger says:

    Hi Bryan great to see you are doing so well,you pushed the boat out and thankfully it did not sink mainly to your determination.I was around in the early 6o ts through till the 8o ts. Started on Greeves Hawkstone then 500 Gold Star, 410 A.J. s. 250 Cotton 67/68, trials on and off (not literally) 60ts -late 80ts. In the 90ts started Grass Tracking (at 40 yrs) 350 B.S. A. then two valve Jawa and 4 valve Jawa, fair success in all. I lived just down the road from you at that time in Bath so therefore it was Wessex Center events mainly. Watched you many a time, Wild may be but an expert yes, they certainly were the best times as sure you will agree (other than now !! ) keep safe, you and your family and best wishes. Derek Pillinger

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Derek. Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, they were great days and by the bikes you had, you must have had fun 😉 Sadly the modern-day tracks don’t interest me at all, to ride or watch. What the riders do is amazing but sadly I don’t find it entertaining, that’s probably down to age. I’m now trapped in Bristol and not looking forward to the winter. I think this virus is going to give us problems well into the new year…. so keep your head down and stay safe. Kind Regards Bryan

  7. Geoffrey Haydock says:

    Hi Bryan,
    Just spotted your stuff on here to my astonishment !
    I hope you are well with all of this virus stuff ?
    I used to ride around as a kid (17) on a purple and white 200 Yam twin with your helmet stripes copied from pics in MCN same face mask and goggles etc( Yeah I know how sad that must sound but it meant a lot to me at the time, suppose it still does eh !)
    Watched you and all the other top riders at Cureden Park, great days things seemed more real back then.
    Yes, it’s still there and we sometimes go walks along a now more coiffured landscape !
    Later on I became a mechanic and helped a local Husky rider, it was the earlier one with the more jacked up seat.
    I also owned a a James Commando / Cotswold 250 AMC engine version,
    when i was fifteen, it had a Villiers 1H engine fitted, used to blow up all the time !
    Later on in life i found an original ( AMC Engined ) complete bike and was fortunate enough to speak to works rider Bill Martin, what a nice man.
    I also rode Grass Track for a time, used a 500 Jap Hagon Rep
    Of course, all of this was whilst trying to be a rock star as a drummer in several bands,
    busy times eh !

    Great memories of it all so just wanted to say a very sincere thanks to you even though you don’t know me, it just goes to show how we can positively touch peoples lives without even knowing it.
    I also play guitar so i hope i can count myself as a musician and have had the above said to me on more than one occasion.

    Anyhow, enough of my rantings
    Upward and onward Bryan eh !!!
    Take care and kindest regards
    Thanks again sir !!
    Geoff Haydock

    • Bryan says:

      Thank you, Geoff, great story, great times, wonderful memories..sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Hope it didn’t cost you too much. Thank you for your kind words, yes I’m trying to keep as safe as possible….hope you’re keeping out of harm’s way too. Kind Regard Bryan

  8. Dave Powell says:

    Hi Bryan hope you are keeping well and healthy. You messaged me some time ago about still having copies of your Autobiography Wild Wade. I wonder if you still have available copies. If so could l have details of how to obtain one (signed if poss). Great fan of yours back in the day .
    Take care and stay healthy.
    Best wishes

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