After many years of being stabbed with a sharp stick about building a website to show my old racing photos and somewhere to discuss the passed, present and future.

Well I’ve made a start but please be patient, this website is going to be work in progress for some considerable time. So you are very welcome to look, add comments and send photo’s to be added.

A quick note:- If anyone has a photo of my old 3.8 Jaguar, that was turned into a bike transported. Please send it through, I would love to see it again and as it happens, so would many other people.

If you’d like to ‘upload’ ( notice the up todate jargone ) 😉  And you thought I could just ride bikes. Ha!!

Anyway if you have a photo you took and would like to share it, please be my guest. Maybe a picture taken of you at one of the Racing Schools or you just have a comment about what a ‘Great Time’ you had at the ‘camps.’

But you do realise, the statue of limitations now protects me against crimes against humanity…… YES I know the training at the camps was tough, but it was for your own good and you did sign an indemnity waver right !!!!

The reason I mention the training camps, Rob Andrews (he’s one of the guy’s with sharp sticks) He kindly sent me a couple of links awhile back, where riders were discussing ‘Train with Wade’ and the ‘British Motocross Racing School’.

And I quote. “Do you remember when Wadie hit you on the hand with a piece of wood, to remind you to use your front brake?”

Please !!!!! ……. I never used anything so flimsy….. wire rope or bard-wire yes.  🙂

But did the training work for you?

I really hope so. Because out of the hundreds of different things I’ve done in my life, the training camps gave me a huge amount of joy. The beaming face when ‘You’ knew…… you got the banked turn or the jump test right.

Looking back over that period, I real should have upgraded the whole operation and looked at it as a long term project.

Would the UK have a stronger rider base? Who knows, but it would have been a very satisfying job, I realize that now.

But over those years Jim (the beast) Hannaway and I put a huge amount of effort into make sure each rider went away from the camps stronger and more confident to do battle out on the track.

Remember Jim’s piggy back fights? And running up Hawkstone hill… Haha… What great times, stood at the bottom of the hill exercising our vocal cords !! (One more time guys) or similar words of encouragement.

Many many people have asked about Jim, weather by email or blog. So here’s my opportunity to say a heart felt thank you to Him for the effort he personally put into the train camp. He wasn’t much of a bike at the start, but quickly got to grips with it.

He raced at a Internation motocross event, when we took the training camp to Zambia. The lad didn’t disgrace himself, the thing that made me laugh was the big eyes staring out of his goggles, then as he came back into the paddock Jim’s broad engaging smile, which we all know and love. He was natural instructor and I couldn’t have picked a better guy to help, but more on him and a few others later.

The photo’s entered here go back to my first bike which is amazing, as I was never one for saving things. Then back in the early 60’s a camera was the last thing I’d lug about. So I’ve basically put on all the photo’s my father saved out of the newspapers, these span the early days up to my first British Championship, at that point he gave up due to the overload of coverage. 😉



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4 Responses to Welcome

  1. Andy Foot says:

    Hi Bryan,
    Enjoying your book “A Wild Ride” very much. I grew up in Glos and rode/ride trials. Competed again Rob Taylor many times. Watched you with great excitement at Tirley, Nympsfield etc. I’ll never forget you riding a Suzuki when the exhaust packing came loose and blocked the exit pipe!
    I have a picture that you will like but can’t see how to attach anything.
    If you email me, I can send the pic.

  2. Angela Llewellyn says:

    Would like to buy A Wild Ride but cant find it on the website.

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