Early Photos

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  1. Steve Barber says:


    I don’t see too many Husky Pics on here….I’ll copy some and bring them to Farleigh if you like,



  2. sue thomas (shepherd) says:

    Hi Bryan

    Do you remember your aunt Joyce, well I am her daughter. Your nana Ivy Watts was also my nana. My youngest son has just got his first motor cross bike for christmas and I was telling him about you.
    It would be great to here from you.

  3. Alan Place says:

    Dear Mr. Wade,
    I have some early photos from the start of the 70s of you riding in the UK.
    I was at the meeting, where you got your ride from Brian Leask, when the Greeves died on you. That hill at Nymphsfield was a killer LOL.
    I saw ride at Doddington, Farliegh Castle and many other races in the SW.


    • Bryan says:

      Thank you very Allan… would be good to see the photos.
      I think the Husky deal came along just at the right time.
      Enjoyed riding the wast country tracks, some great memories.
      Regards Bryan ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  5. andrew irving says:

    Hi Bryan, great site with some fantastic pictures. Regards Andrew

  6. andrew irving says:

    Hi Bryan,

    fantastic site & photo’s. best wishes Andrew

  7. Bryan says:

    Thanks Andy… glad you enjoyed it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Martin Stevenson says:

    Hi Bryan
    I remember riding in my first scramble at 15 in 1966 at Pea Farm Stanley which you rode Greeves.I was in on a Dot 250 demon which I bought from the Kart House in Darlington . It blew the crank seals in the 2nd race .You were so fast !!
    I followed your career with great interest . Love your site . All the best !!

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Martin… Thank you for leaving a comment… sorry don’t get on this site too much, so my apologies for the delayed response.. Gosh 1966, think I was still working at White Brothers opposite the Oden cinema and if I’m not mistaken, which I probably am…. I think I got my first Greeves Challenger from the Kart House… small world… Thanks for your kind words… Hope the world has been kind to you also.. Stay safe and well my friend Regards Bryan

  9. Thomas Akehurst says:

    Hi Bryan my uncles recently bought a run down Greeves mx4 250 works bike which we can tell from the frame number and weโ€™ve found a picture of you riding the same model of bike painted the same colour back in the day it was painted metal flake red in the picture and the bike my uncle got is also metal flake red.I know itโ€™s a tall order but would you be able to recollect riding something of this description. The bike came with a 360 engine without any engine numbers which we found a bit odd.Weโ€™ve asked Dave harper if you know him as he runs the greeves championship racing that we go to.

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Thomas…. My bikes were changed very regularly and at some point, I did ride a red 250 but as far as I can remember there were a lot around. Sadly the chances of your bike being the one I had would be very slim. Sorry, I can’t be more help.

      • Thomas Akehurst says:

        Hi Bryan Dave harpers confirmed that the bike was issued to you through the factory records itโ€™s currently being restored and can I say it was a pleasure meeting you at the west moorland racing the other week.

        • Bryan says:

          Great to meet you also…what a wonderful weekend…. extremely well organised. Look forward to seeing the bike when it’s finished. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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