I’m single once again, but was married two beautiful ladies over a period of 25 years. And class myself fortunate that we are still very good friends.







I have five great children, two live in the UK the others in the USA.


Sharon.  My eldest daughter lives near Swindon with her partner and 3 children


Simon. My eldest son.

Lives in London and teaches Basket Ball. Which has been his overriding passion as long as I can remember.  He now has a 1-year-old son, so is learning to be a Dad.









Sarah, Kit, and Sophie.

Both girls live in Miami, with their respective partners.  Sophie has her hands full with two young boys.  Sarah has 7 year old.  She works in ER at the main children’s hospital. 

Kit, my youngest was in the Army for 6 years doing medical stuff but now is trying to join either the CIA or the Miami Police force. 













Wendy my sister lives in Australia. 


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  1. Chris Goodfellow says:

    Interesting site Bryan .

    Your old greeves mechanic Chris Goodfellow

    • Bryan Wade says:

      Wow… Chris you old dog…. Have not been looking at the site, as it’s not live as yet…. Well thought it wasn’t …. How you doing ? Ha! Im in the US at the moment, will be in the UK on the 22nd give me a phone number… BW

      • Chris Goodfellow says:

        hi Bryan ,

        yes , still about , not as good as could be but still here .

        I still see Bill brooker , he is only a few miles from me .

        All the best Chris

  2. Paul Walker says:

    Hi Brian
    Justr discovered where you are these days and reading youre site brought back soem great memories. Watching you at Hatherton Hall (remeber that place?) got me into racing and I even bought one of your ex-works 360 Challengers which was far too quick for a total novice. Knowing what you’re up to now is going to have me nagging the better half as we love Borneo and what better way to see more of it! Good luck and keep up the good work.

  3. Chris Goodfellow says:

    Bryan ,

    I might just have found a photo of the old Jaguar pick up , I’ve traced Bobby Kevis , the guy in the Greeves Service Dept , that you sold it to .

    He is going to look through his photos .


    • B Wade says:

      Hi Chris… well that’s great news, hope he has one, it will be good to see the old beast again.. Hope all well with you 😉

  4. Mike Parker says:

    Hello Bryan,
    I remember you well from your days in Barnard Castle, that old Jag you had converted to hold the bikes in the boot!LOL
    Was a friend of your Dad’s,Top Bloke do owt fix owt was ya Dad! Knew Wendy well we had a bit o a fling!LOL wonder if she’s still got my old leather jacket, she worked for my mother at one time Freda Parker hairstylist, I went on to play drums for some famous 70’s bands, did you know my sister Josie, in your day was marrried to John Morton a nobody really, nice to see your still alive and kickin and wendy too! Me Im semi retired livin in London Newcastle and Thailand where I will be retiring too soon that later take care . Mike Parker

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Mike… Sorry for the long delay, been wondering around in the Rain Forest looking for new trails 😉
      Thank you for your kind words about my Dad, yes he was great guy… Yes remember your sister if she married to John…. blond if I remember…. what ever happened to John ??? The drum job sounds wild, who did you play with ?? I trained John Bonham’s son Jason….. some stories there 😉
      If you like Thailand, you should try here, real laid back and a fun place too, great people… Keep in touch… kind regards Bryan…. Oh! Wendy is grat now, had a cancer scare a year ago,… now living down under….

  5. Ann Stapylton was Beeckmans. (Your cousin) says:

    Hi Bryan,
    Just found your site. Was lovely to read about your life and your family. I have also been married twice, have 2 girls and 1 boy and 6 grandchildren. My mother (aunt Charlotte) is still alive and is now 95 years old and fitter than me. My brother Louis has 2 young grandchildren who are following in your footsteps. They are only 8 and 10 but are already winning trophies.


    • Bryan says:

      Hi Ann… thank you very much for making contact…. will send you a email so we can talk and you can give me the family brake down… A year or so I met up with my auntie who I hadn’t seen since I was 5 years old…. that was amazing… will make contact very soon… Oh and great to hear about the budding motocross riders in the family…. maybe come over and give a few lessons. 😉 Kind Regards Bryan.

  6. Louis Beeckmans says:

    Hi Bryan, bet you don’t remember me, I certainly would pass you in the street and would not have a clue who you were. The last time I saw you was at Shillbottle about 1966. Think you were riding for Greeves. My grandson Callum is doing well at motox, he has rode in the british championship twice, didn’t win though but did ok for his age and the length of time he has been riding. Came 5th in the northeast. He keeps telling all his mates about you. hero hero. keep in touch. Lou.

    • Bryan says:

      Hi there…. probably not 😉 I have just been talking to Ann and she has sent me a family tree…. so tell me were you fit into all this haha…. I have half an idea…. but a little half only…. lol.. But thanks for making contact, hope you found the website interesting…. give me more info please…. Best wishes Bryan in Borneo 😉

      • Louis Beeckmans says:

        Hi, where to begin. Well first off I am Anns brother…..obviously…..I have three kids…..Mark my son is 48 and married to Tracey….they have three kids (runs in the family)….Georgia..Callum and Owen. Then there is my oldest daughter Lisa 41 this year. She has three kids……Charlotte…Nathan and Rhys…they are all black belts at karati…. then there is Clair my youngest..she has three kids…Richie…Anna and Sophie. ..And not forgetting Georgias son Rio. Sadly my wife Marion died of cancer 12 years ago. Callum talks about you as if you were his brother…it’s weird ….all the best Lou

  7. Raymond J Gardiner says:

    Hi Brian
    Hope this finds you well? Rode many a race with you in the front lol, spent a lot of my youth scrambling down your area etc, and used to stop at your old restaurant in Nailsworth on way home!!
    Your web page is simply fantastic and great to catch up with your life nowa days etc.
    Might even plan to visit you some day why not and ride lol

    kind regards Brian to you and your family.


    • Bryan says:

      Sorry for the long delay… don’t check this site that often… crazy really… time rushes by at such speed… makes my head spin.. Thank you so much for your kind words… hope the food at the restaurant was Ok… sorry no refunds now… 😉 Yes come and ride… I don’t do that much off road… tarmac is arriving everywhere… Keep safe and well.. Kind regards Bryan

  8. evert zwart says:

    Hello bryan,i am also a racer but more classic and did some motocros also on a maico 400cc.
    I have your name from Steve and Eva living on bonaire.
    We ware talking about you and i just ask them your mail and name.
    I am evert and had for a long time my one motorcycling shop in the Netherlands and building classic racers and also kidcars based on a 2cv named Burton.
    my e mail is:
    regards evert.

    • Bryan says:

      Hi there… gosh it’s a small world.. Steve & Eva are lovely people. sounds like you had a go at everything in the bike game.. I enjoyed racing in Holland but did find the sand a bit of a handful… made me sweat alot.. I could do with a 2cv over here in Borneo… think it would work well.. Thanks for making contact…Stay safe and well. Kind Regards Bryan

  9. Hello just aquired your old HUSQVARNA 1973/74 250 TWINSHOCK in Shropshire .UK

  10. margaret tiplady says:

    Hi Bryan
    Remember those very first days of biking in our fields at Boldron?
    I remember the bomb making experiment in the garage fortunately I wasn’t there but I remember a long lecture being delivered as to why it wasn’t a good idea.
    I will never forget the early days of being a fan at places like Toft Hill and Carlton Bank.

    • Bryan says:

      Margaret my darling, what a wonderful surprise hearing from You. Gosh, a great deal of time has passed since we last met. Must be 55 years. Yes, my years at Boldron are very dear to me and the damage to my hand was a huge turning point in my life. Will make contact, would love to know what happened to everyone.

  11. Keith Simpson says:

    Hi ! I remember the old 60s when we all had air horns, La cucaracha, Col Bogey or
    La Marseillaise, didnt you have an austin A60 pickup at about the same time as
    Ging Browning rode the sprite for dear old Frank Hipkin . I had a DOT Dodgy Old Thing until Gordon Berrisford sorted the engine with bits from Eric Housley in
    Clay Cross. Remember us all at Holestone Moor farm Ashover making a great fanfair when we arrived, what tune did you have ?

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Keith… Thanks for leaving a comment…. yes had the truck for a short time and the Col Bogey air horns for much longer 😉 The many races I had around Ashover and those parts were usually cold and wet….., great days and wonderful memories..

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